Report A Claim

Report A Claim

As a policy account holder, an insurance claim is your official request to an Insurance Company for it to either cover or compensate for a covered loss or policy event.

With your insurance claim and any required documentation, the Insurance Company will verify and process your request. Once approved, the Insurance Company will issue you, or to an approved interested party on your behalf, a guaranteed payment.

AUII is committed to helping you get your claims quickly settled.

Each insurance provider and every insurance product will have its own claims process. Your AUII agent will guide you through the procedures and requirements, and will coordinate with our insurance partners, to get your claims processed.

In general, for AUII to process a claim:

  1. The policy account holder reports the claim.
  2. The policy account holder submits the insurance claim and any required documentation.
  3. The Insurance Company processes the claim.
  4. The Insurance Company issues the benefit.


How do I file a claim?

To file a claim, fill up the Claims form. Your agent-in-charge will call you back within two (2) business days to assist you.

What documents do I need to file a claim?

The specific documents required to file a claim may vary depending on the type of insurance product and insurance provider. Your agent-in-charge will provide you with a list of requirements and assist you in filing your claim.

Do I need to submit the original hard copy claim documents?

Depending on the insurance provider, they may or may not require the submission of the original hard copy of the documents. For further information, you may contact our Claims Assistance Team between 9am – 6pm, Mondays to Sundays at Tel. No. (632) 8242-1688.

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